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Who We Are


Matthiaus Rauch

SPO-WI and CHEF at FRZ Heroldsberg

"...I was very positively surprised by the candidates from Kenya. A first very well-groomed impression, very good English and a very eloquent manner of expression left no doubt that I had made the right decision in favor of the Kenyan employees..."

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David Ng'ang'a


"...Thank your for your recruiting services. I admire your level of professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness in your processes..."

Contact Us

ABC (African) Business Community Ltd.

Ali-Mubarak Building

P. O Box 80401-5022

Diani Beach Road


Tel: +254759283682



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ABC Deutschland GmbH i.G.

Am Sendelbach 1-3

D-95445 Bayreuth

HRB 8115, Amtsgericht Bayreuth


Tel.: +49 (0) 921 75968-13
Fax.: +49 (0) 921 75968-26

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