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ABC (African) Business Community 

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Connecting highly skilled and motivated medical professionals from Kenya with leading hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions in Germany.


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Recruiting for Germany

Opportunities for Kenyan medical professionals aspiring to explore employment opportunities in Germany. Our mission is to connect skilled medical professionals from Kenya with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions in Germany.


ABC Count On Me!!

Dimitrios Koranis_edited_edited.jpg

Dimitrios Koranis

Koranis Purchasing Solutions

Nürnberg, Germany

"I admire your high level of professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency in your processes."

John Musee.jpg

John Ojiambo Musee

Physiotherapist at

Shape Up, Germany

"...I have recommended ABC to my Friends and will continue recommending ABC to other professionals seeking employment opportunities in Germany..."

Matthias Rauch.JPG

Matthias Rauch

Spo-Wi and Chef

Heroldsberg, Germany

"...I can only report positive things so far. Of course, a considerable investment is necessary, but the experience so far justifies it 100%..."

ABC (African) Business Community

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ABC (African) Business Community Ltd.

Ali-Mubarak Building

P. O Box 80401-5022

Diani Beach Road


Tel: +254759283682



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ABC Deutschland GmbH

Am Sendelbach 1-3

D-95445 Bayreuth

HRB 8115, Amtsgericht Bayreuth


Tel.: +49 (0) 921 75968-13
Fax.: +49 (0) 921 75968-26

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